Lash Extensions Aftercare

The longevity of Extensions requires careful maintenance. It may take up to 24 hours for the adhesive to cure (dry) thoroughly and the following activities should be avoided, as they will interfere with this curing process, resulting in a weaker bond, premature lash extension loss, and /or irritation: 
showering; exposure to heat, steam, sauna, and friction; application of eye and eyelash cosmetics; sleeping on the side or stomach; receiving chemical treatments; and receiving irritating eye-area treatments. 

Understand that even after the first 24 hours after application, you need to avoid excessive swimming, sauna, steam rooms, rubbing, picking, or pulling on lashes, using oil-based or waterproof cosmetics, and using mechanical curlers or crimping lashes in any way.  Mascara is never recommended and may affect retention and future fills. 

Cleansing your lashes is very important.  Not only will your lashes look better, but they will also last longer and protect the health of your eyes.

Give your lashes a daily wash with a splash of warm water and a gentle brush through with a mascara spoolie to remove light debris and dust.  Use your lash cleanser at least 2-3 times a week to cleanse thoroughly:

1. Using your lash shampoo and lash brush, lather cleanser on your hand and smother your lashes. Gently work into the lashes, brushing from roots in a downward motion. 2. Lint-free flocked applicators (disposable lip makeup applicators) are fabulous for thorough removal of makeup along the lash line.  Do not use cotton swabs 3. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. 4. Using your fingers gently wipe the lashes in an upward direction while blinking gently to remove excess water 5. Pat your face dry (DON’T RUB), but avoid your eyes. 6. Leave to naturally dry or use a hairdryer on minimum COOL setting. 7. Use a CLEAN dry mascara spoolie to GENTLY brush through the lashes to make them neat and fluffy again, being careful not to drag the brush through the base of the lashes.

Failure to follow these instructions may cause irritation, reaction, and eyelash loss.  The post-application care and maintenance described herein apply equally to the initial application and subsequent touch-up applications.